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Oppositional Defiant Disorder

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Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Oppositional defiant disorder is a psychological disorder seen in children. There is a huge difference behaving badly some times and always behaving the same way, but when this thing is prolonged and not normal like the other kids”then your child must be suffering from a psychological disorder called Oppositional defiant disorder .This disorder makes the child”s life much more miserable. The desired age when this problem starts is usually by the age of 1-3. 30 – 40 %Kids suffering from ADHD are prone to have Oppositional defiant disorder. As these kids likes creating problems between others it is very necessary to maintain healthy relationship between the members.

These kids are aggressive, and have constant nature to irritate others. The symptoms are:

The child is always open to temper tantrums

The child looses temper quite frequently

The child is always in a revengeful mood

The child always lacks in accountability and constantly blames others

The child always argues

The child frequently bullies animals

The child also has tendencies to hurt others physically and is in to stealing things, which can disturb others.

The child often violates the rules set by others for e.g.: run away from school, home

Reading this you will find this to be quite normal as most of the kids does that but only one thing which differs is the frequency of events that happens.

These kids can also have additional problems like addiction, antisocial personality, depressing mood and problem in learning.

Diagnosing of Oppositional defiant disorder:

Psychiatrists determine this disorder by checking the medical history, consulting with the concerned parents, teachers and the one who is closed to the child. There is no exact cause known for this disorder but surroundings, family background, medical history, and genetical differences adds to the arrival. Chances of child having Odd increases if parent have alcoholic behavior. This disorder is likely to happen to more boys than girls are.


There are not many studies available on the treatment of Oppositional defiant disorder

Meditation and psychotherapy is the usual treatment given to the kids suffering from these disorders. Regular medication can also help.

If your child is suffering from similar type of problem then medical help should be provided as soon as possible, Behavioral therapies, parents and teacher”s cooperation is very important for the kids who suffer from this disorder.

Parents can help their child in following ways:

Try to take supports from schools, and places were the child goes

Give rewards to the child every time he /she behave nicely.

However, that does not mean that there is no reinforcement as he or she has to be controlled.

Watching more of television has to be controlled to just 1-2 hrs as it is proven that children who watch more TV are prone to be violent.

This could help you to atleast overcome the disorder on a minimal basis. As Oppositional defiant disorder is a very disturbing problem so care and understanding amongst the family is a key to success.

In this article author has given information about oppositional defiant disorder symptoms as well as you can find the more information about the disorderscentral.

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