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HeartWise Parenting has only one purpose…to empower your strengths through discovering your personal parenting style. Forget the parenting types or styles.

There is only your style and whether or not you are getting the results you want. We’ll help you get the results you want and enjoy your family.

The truth about parenting is that we now have several decades of neuroscience research on bonding and how we create parenting relationships. Now we have answers as to what disciplines works, even as explicitly as the biochemistry of love and the molecule of empathy.

The science of parenting leads with the heart and disciplines with responsiveness and wisdom.

Heartwise parenting is synonymous with other titles like conscious, peaceful, nonviolent, kind, intentional, mindful, connected, scream-free, and aware parenting. You can learn the essentials of Heartwise™ parenting from the free HeartWise, Ebooks, Teleclasses, Article Library, and Blog.

5 Self-Esteem Boosters For Your Child

Having a child who grows up with healthy self-esteem is not an accident. Research shows that the important grown-ups in their lives have a huge influence on how kids feel about themselves. Are they happy? Do they have self-compassion? Are they empathetic? Are they...
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Use Empathy for Connecting and Conversing

Empathy   I met Dr Tony Alessandra, a prolific author and influential speaker, in Las Vegas. He was an inspirational man and very down to earth speaker about using empathy for connecting and talking with one person or a group. Review this definition of EMPATHY...
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Coaching Parents In Self Esteem

Self-Esteem Linked to Achievement We may not realize it, but self-esteem is a great determinant of how we will succeed and to what degree of accomplishment. Self-esteem, or the way we view ourselves, our skills, and our talents, affect our thoughts. And these ideas...
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Top 4 Strategies to Develop Effective Parenting Skills

Despite what you might think, nobody’s born with excellent parenting skills! Those parents you admire most learn from experience. Watching other parents and learning from your experiences are useful ways to enhance your parenting skills. It’s sometimes...
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The Importance Of Sound For Babies

The sense of sound develops even before a child is born. Babies in the womb respond to music, their parents’ voices and they even startle when hearing loud or sudden sounds. Even before you meet your baby in person, you can start to develop and learn the...
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The Importance of Activity and Fitness for Children

Not too long ago, getting physically fit was an adult world – gyms, dance studios, fitness centers, aerobics classes were geared toward the adult getting into shape. Children, it was assumed, were naturally fit due to just being kids and running around....
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Poor Sleep In Early Years Sets inadequate Health in Motion

Without adequate sleep….kids have problems with learning and memory, attention and impulse control, and moodiness. Inadequate sleep even affects a child’s intellectual skills. Loss of sleep changes the hormones that govern appetite, stress reactions (cortisol) and...
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Try These Sleep-Inducing Foods

  Foods high in tryptophan are valuable sleep aids. Before hitting the sack, try one or more of the following provisions to assist you in sleep. The basic denominator in these foods is that they contain tryptophan which has been demonstrated to help sleep: Sesame...
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How Parents and Families Support Empathic Children

How do parents and families provide emotional support for empathic children and help them develop calm and resilience? Experts agree that happy children share characteristics like optimism and a sense of control. The challenge for empathic children is losing the sense of control when witnessing negativity, bullying, injustice, or emotional overwhelm.
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