Energy Annie


When my daughter was born, I distinctly remember her warmth and also her light. When I held her I felt a light around her. At night, when we snuggled, I imagined that I traced the light of her energy field around her toes and up around her head and down again. The inner spirit of courage, the heart’s light, generates energy for any child. When she fell from the monkey bars at nursery school and broke her foot, we created a healing ritual for her cast. We pulled energy from her toes up through her leg and knee. Such rituals are small ways that a child can recognize self-care and practice it. I often felt alone when I worked with my daughter’s light or energy as I didn’t live in a community or spend time in groups where self-healing took place.






You’ll recognize healing rituals in this WONDERFUL NEW BOOK DESIGNED EXPRESSLY FOR OUR CHILDREN AND PARENTS ABOUT ENERGY. The warm mother herself, Elizabeth Cosmos, is already a renowned author and global teacher of AMADEUS.


The Adventures of Energy Annie follows a young girl who lives with her family in a small town in the Midwest and learns how the invisible world of energy assists in life lessons. In this first book Annie along with her faithful companion Mitzie, is introduced to the use of energy for healing.

This beautifully illustrated book, from author Elizabeth Cosmos and with original artwork by K. Henriott – Jauw, is available on Amazon or your local bookstore. We are excited to announce this new release of Book I, is also in Spanish.

The Adventures of Energy Annie



“This pioneering work clearly and creatively demystifies the concept of energy, by inviting both child and adult readers on an amazing literary journey! What a brilliant way to change the world! I’d recommend this book to everyone!”

—Dr. Mark Mincolla Best selling author of Whole Health


“We all have the potential to heal. The energy of creation is there for us all. We can all benefit from coaching and helping us to achieve that goal. So read and learn and show up for practice.”

—Bernie Siegel, MD, Author of 365 Prescriptions for the Soul and A Book of Miracles


“The Adventures of Energy Annie Book 1 is a wonderfully illustrated book with a beautiful message for youngsters. It is an invitation for children (and parents!) to reconnect to the divine light within ourselves and within others, and is a great reminder to all of us that there is more to life than the physical, 3D world of our five senses.”

Dave Markowitz, Medical Intuitive, specializing in highly sensitive persons and author