The Importance of Children’s Fitness
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Getting your kids involved in an exercise routine is important, but how can you do that? And why is it so important?   Lifestyle Changes to Buck the Trends Not too long ago, getting physically fit was an adult world … Read More

The First Man A Daughter Loves
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A dad is the first man a daughter loves.  Her experiences with her dad will predict her relationships’ success in her adult years. A dad’s positive involvement in his daughter’s life correlated with a list of positive benefits such as … Read More

Why is Children’s Self-Esteem Important?

  Children’s self-esteem is comparable to self-worth, which essentially means how a person values himself or herself.  A person can think highly of himself or herself and be self-confident in their skills and in their ability to adapt.  Conversely, a … Read More

How Children Can Develop Good Self-Esteem!
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  A person’s good self-esteem is how one feels about himself.  This is reflected in the person’s actions in terms of what he does and how well she accomplishes the tasks she set out to do.   Everyone’s self-esteem fluctuates … Read More

Healthy or Unhealthy Self-Esteem
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To spot healthy and unhealthy self-esteem right away is a crucial parenting task. Having kids develop healthy esteem early in life and maintaining it throughout their childhoods has benefits:   Give them a much better chance of establishing the positive … Read More

Five Self-Esteem Boosters For Your Child
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Having a child who grows up with healthy self-esteem is not an accident. Research shows that the important grown-ups in children’s  lives have an everlasting  influence on how kids feel about themselves.   Are they happy? Do they have self-compassion? … Read More

What You Say and What Your Children Hear – The Difference?
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Ever wonder what happens when your young children respond in unexpected ways to the words you say? Being honest and kind in all of your communications with will convey congruence. But what do your children hear….really?     Children hear words … Read More

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