Nurture Your Child's Gift

learn how children dream and what happens if you notice!

Some children are born with a passion to pursue. Nurture Your Child’s Gift shares stories of three children who have significant dreams that heralded their adult interests and work or career preferences. When the children wake the next morning after dreaming, there is a marked difference abut them.

Kristin had such a vivid dream of swimming with dolphins that she was disoriented when she woke up in bed. She rushed downstairs to share her dream with her parents and announced, “I will be a Marine Biologist. I’ll start looking for colleges that research dolphins. Such a cool dream.”

Children who intuit their passion also feel and respond to those hunches. They leave clues for parents through their conversations, the media that keeps their attention, and the activities they like. Kristin was drawn to dolphins as a child. Coincidentally, she also enjoyed swimming as well as visits to local beaches.

How do their dreams unfold? How does their intuition develop?

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What if the purpose of living is to fulfill a vision or dream we brought with us into this life? Any parent or person working with children knows that each child, when nurtured and encouraged, develops according to his or her unique temperament and abilities. Nurture Your Child’s Gift asks us to see our children’s unique gifts and shows us how we can encourage their dreams.