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Healthy Self-Esteem for Parent and Child


Child-rearing is a stressful experience, especially in modern society with its fragmented values, dual parent employment, divorce, and loss of extended family support. Parents of teenagers may experience the greatest stress of all. They are faced with the difficult task of guiding young people who are in the midst of a dramatic, and sometimes turbulent, transition from childhood to young adulthood. With the onset of puberty come the dangers associated with sexuality and pregnancy, substance abuse, and automobile use – issues that heighten parents' apprehension and may increase conflict with their teenagers. Continued stress and frustration can wear parents down, diminishing their sense of selfworth and creating tension between spouses.



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Self Esteem in Parent and Children
Parent self-esteem is important for two reasons:

Self Esteem Tasks for Children
Early childhood: Ages birth – 6
Middle childhood: Ages 7-12
Adolescence: Ages 13-18

Developmental Pressures on Parents’ Self-Esteem
Early Childhood
Middle Childhood
Parent Self-Esteem

Coaching Parents in Self-Esteem
How Can You Realize You Have Low Self-Esteem?
So How do You Build Self-Esteem?

Developing Self-Esteem During Childhood
How does a child think about himself?
Self Image

Snapshot Moments of Your Parenting
Parents are Powerful Models

Dynamics of Building Self-Esteem in Children
Parenting Conversations


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