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Identify Your Child’s Interactive Style


Have you ever felt that you and your child speak different languages when it comes to tackling tasks? Do you feel your children don’t hear you? When they cry or misbehave, do you understand what dynamic simmers below the surface behavior? Discover your child's interactive style and the inborn behavioral traits that you parent on a daily basis.




Table of Contents

Section One:
Interactive Styles and Emotional Connections
Four Basic Interactive Styles
Interactive Styles & Behavior and Choices
Four In Any One Classroom

Section Two:
Capitalizing on Your Preschoolers’ Interactive Style
Nurturing the Concept of Self
Choosing a Preschool
Coaching Kids Towards Good Behavior
Coaching Kids to Share
Coaching Kids to Welcome and Embrace a New Sibling

Section Three:
Capitalizing on Your Elementary Schooler’s Interactive Style
Coaching Kids Through Homework Hassles
Coaching Kids To Complete Chores
Coaching Kids on Friendship Building
Coaching Kids to Deal with Bullies

Section Four:
Capitalizing on Your Pre-Teens’ Interactive Style
Nurturing the Establishment of Internal Controls
Coaching Kids Through Peer Pressure
Coaching Kids to Be Confdent in their Style
Coaching Kids to Be Honest

Section Five:
Capitalizing on Your Teenagers’ Interactive Style
Coaching Teens on Trust Building
Coaching Teens on the Rules of the Road
Coaching Teens on Choosing Friends
Coaching Teens on Work/Life Balance



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