Terrific Toddlers

Everything You Might Want To Know About The Terrific Time of Toddlerhood
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The toddler years commonly refer to the second stage of human growth and development that moves a child from infanthood to childhood.
Generally referring to children between the ages of 12 and 24 months, the term toddler was coined to describe a young child’s beginning attempts at independent walking. Unsteady on their feet, toddlers toddle around as they learn to gain stability and master walking alone.

The toddler years are a time of huge growth and development. Children learn about social roles, begin to talk, develop gross motor skills and start to realize that they are separate and individual people.

Toddlers are engrossed with learning how their world works. During the end of this developmental phase, they begin to push for their independence.

When you understand what’s really happening in a toddler’s development, there is no surprise that temper tantrums, repetitive
boundary-testing and bouts of impatience are occurrences in children aged 12-24 months.

Dr. Caron Goode author

Table of Contents


Understanding the Needs of Toddlers
Decoding the Secret Language of Toddlers
It’s All About
Anatomy of a Tantrum
No! I Won’t and I Can’t!
I Want it Now!
An Expression of Needs

The Great Pacifier Debate
The History of Pacifiers
Constant Controversy
The Real Pro’s and Con’s of Pacifier Use
The Right Choice for You
Pacifying Properly
Thumb Sucking
Pacifying Alternatives
Pacifier and Toddlers
Bye-Bye Binky
Toddler Proofing Your Home
Checklist For Around the House
Room by Room
The Great Outdoors
First Footwear
From Fashion to Function
Is Barefoot Best?
Shoe Shopping
The Perfect Fit

Common Childhood Foot Issues

Food Fights
Mealtime Guidelines
Parenting the Picky Eater
Introducing New Foods
Mealtime Manners
Dining Out With Toddlers

Screen Time for Toddlers
Toddler Development
Your Viewing Options
Computer Use and Video Games
The Bottom Line
Toddler Guidance
Behavioral Guidance
Guiding Toddlers’ Behavior
Setting Limits with Toddlers
Behavioral Expectations for Toddlers
Different People, Different Rules
Caregiving Consistency
Why Can’t I?
Correcting Other People’s Children
Let’s Talk about Cell Phones
What about Play Phones?
And Real Phones?
Teaching Phone Safety
Have a Terrific Life Together!