The Importance of Activity and Fitness for Children
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The Importance of Activity and Fitness for Children

Not too long ago, getting physically fit was an adult world – gyms, dance studios, fitness centers, aerobics classes were geared toward the adult getting into shape. Children, it was assumed, were naturally fit due to just being kids and running around.

Nowadays, children are becoming more obese as a global group. It’s time to admit that fitness is not just for grown-ups anymore. Getting your kids involved in an exercise routine is important, but how can you do that? And why is it so important? Let’s start  the last question first.

Why is adding exercise into children’s lives so important?

Children spend a lot of time indoors, and a lot of time is spent using electronics like computers, mobile devices, and video games. Unlike the past, it’s now possible for children to socialize and interact without physical activity.

Also, childhood obesity is said to take a toll on the economy as well. Health care costs for children have increased with the increasing obesity rate over the last two decades. Obese children are suffering from and requiring treatment for diseases that used to be the exclusive realm of older adults, such as heart disease and high blood pressure.



So how can you get the children in your life into shape?

First, try incorporating them into your fitness routine. If you don’t have one, make one! Parents can be the best examples of physical activity. It is a known fact that children of inactive parents, are also likely to grow up to become inactive and consequently, less healthy.

Better yet, let the children themselves discuss what they like to do and what they enjoy. Many fun family activities such as badminton, soccer, and hiking, for example, are great ways to increase family activity levels.

If your child is obsessed with computer games, maybe he or she would respond to a Wii system or other interactive computer game that involves exercise and movement. Perhaps a game of laser tag or paintball would go over well as these activities are kind of like living in a video game.

From interests in animals to sports, movies or nature, many of your children’s interests can take the form of activity. It’s just a matter of using your imaginations, and coming up with fun activities that everyone in the family can do together.


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