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The Importance of Children’s Fitness

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Getting your kids involved in an exercise routine is important, but how can you do that? And why is it so important?


Lifestyle Changes to Buck the Trends

Not too long ago, getting physically fit was an adult world – gyms, dance studios, fitness centers, aerobics classes and so forth were geared toward the adult getting into shape.

Children, it was assumed, were naturally fit due to just being kids and running around.

Nowadays, however, children are becoming more and more obese as a group, and it’s time to
admit that fitness is not just for grown-ups anymore. The latest statistics from the Center for Disease Control report in January 2018 provided an overview:

“In the United States, the percentage of children and adolescents affected by obesity has more than tripled since the 1970s.Data from 2015-2016 show that nearly 1 in 5 school age children and young people (6 to 19 years) in the United States has obesity.

[Hales CM, Carroll MD, Fryar CD, Ogden CL. Prevalence of obesity among adults and youth: the United States, 2015–2016. NCHS Data Brief. 2017;288:1–8]


child fitnessThe stated causes of children’s obesity include:

  • Genetics – Although we cannot reverse the genetic heritage, just knowing it is an issue immediately raises questions:  How will a parent and child offset the genes? How can a family plan for foods and exercises that will benefit each family member? How will family members support each other by agreeing to meal planning or restrictions in areas of fat-producing, sugary treats?
  • Metabolism—how your body changes food and oxygen into energy it can use. Parents, who observe their child’s level of rest and level of activity, can plan the type of exercise in which children participate: gymnastics, skateboarding, playground activities, and even family members biking together.
  • Community and neighborhood design and safety. A building trend in some cities include playgrounds in sections of the communities where families live. Some neighborhoods have trails for walking and green areas for play and picnics.
  • Short sleep duration. Unfortunately, not all parents are aware of the number of hours of sleep that children need to maintain a healthy metabolism and the allowance of the body to process what was learned that day. School-aged children, ages 6 to 13  genuinely need between 8 to 11 hours of sleep EVERY night.


How can you help as a parent?

Getting your kids involved in an exercise routine is essential, but how can you do that?

And why is it so important?

Adding exercise into children’s lives is so crucial because families’ lifestyles have changed.

Today’s children spend a lot of time indoors,They focus in time on electronics like computers, mobile devices, and video games. Children can socialize and interact without physical activity. Since being active does not always happen naturally, we need to implement deliberate fitness routines into children’s lives.

Another reason why getting fit is important for kids is simply a matter of good health.Unfortunately,  more children are suffering from the physical effects of being overweight or obese. The result is suffering from heart problems, liver disease, and diabe”Incidence Trends of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes among Youths, 2002-2012, published in the New England Journal of Medicine: “found that from 2002 to 2012, incidence, or the rate of newly diagnosed cases of type 1 diabetes in youth increased by about 1.8 percent each year. During the same period, the rate of newly diagnosed cases of type 2 diabetes increased even more quickly, at 4.8 percent.


child exerciseThe Importance of Fitness for Children

Parents can be the best examples of physical activity. Many fun family activities such as badminton, soccer, skateboarding, walking, or riding bikes, or swimming are great ways to increase family activity levels.

If your child is obsessed with computer games, maybe he or she would respond to a Wii system or other interactive computer game that involves exercise and movement and dancing.

Perhaps a game of laser tag or paintball would go over well, as these activities are kind of like living in a video game. From interests in animals to sports, movies or nature, many of your children’s interests can take the form of activity. It’s a matter of using your imaginations and coming up with fun activities that everyone in the family can do together.

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