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The Importance Of Sound For Babies

The sense of sound develops even before a child is born. Babies in the womb respond to music, their parents’ voices and they even startle when hearing loud or sudden sounds. Even before you meet your baby in person, you can start to develop and learn the importance of music for children.

Before Birth

Everyone has heard that doctors recommend playing music or reading to your baby in the womb, but not many people do it. What you read or the music you play isn’t necessary as long as you do it. You can play rock and roll, read a dictionary or even play the trombone and all of these things your baby will hear and start to develop preferences for certain sounds. Once an infant is born, they can recognize their mother’s (and father’s) voiceS, as well as other sounds they remember from inside the womb, such as the family dog or other siblings.

Newborns and Infants

Babies love new sounds, music, songs and voices. However, their sense of hearing is new and more delicate. Most children’s toys such as mobiles, exert saucers, baby seats and playmats come with music at different volume levels. Try to keep the music varied and at different volumes to prevent your child from getting bored with repetitious sounds.

One of the best sound activities you can do with your child is just singing to them.  You can sing an actual song or just sing about what you are doing at the moment. Your baby will start to hear different tones as well as vocabulary.

Introducing a foreign language to your child before six months of age makes the young ears curious. Even if you don’t speak one yourself. Play music in Spanish put on a French movie or search youtube for speeches in other languages. Your baby doesn’t have to understand the words, but his ears and brain will begin to record the new sounds they are hearing.

Older Babies and Toddlers

Older babies and toddlers recognize simple words and commands and have a longer attention span. Board books with sound buttons combine sounds with pictures while they use their motor skills to turn pages. Baby Einstein and Leap Frog brands also offer toys catered to babies and toddlers such as musical instruments, simple video games (yes, even for infants!), and audio books. Many of these toys also come in more than one language.




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