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Vision and Our Emotions

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Vision and Our Emotions

When we were very young children, our eyes were, in many cases, soft and filled with wonder. Seeing the world with perfect clarity came supremely easily to us. When seeing something wonderful, or something that brings us pleasure, our eyes widen – muscles relax, circulation increases and our hearts beat with joy … all seeing systems are “full speed ahead” and we welcome everything into our field of vision, and consequently, into our hearts.

Our typical reaction when we see something that upsets us is to look away, cover our eyes, look down … or, if we are forced to look, tension in the eyes results as a way of guarding against the feelings that what we are seeing might produce.

Fear creates a “freezing in place” of the visual system … our eyes get ‘stuck’ in retraction, and if we continue to see something we must disassociate emotionally, as a soldier has to dissociate in order to witness the horrors of battle.

Suppose we are humiliated as children, and the ultimate humiliation is to cry … we create extreme tension in our eyes so that we don’t ‘overflow’ with emotion. We use mental control and we build ‘armour’ in our bodies so that we don’t feel what we would naturally feel … too dangerous.

The process of learning to see again involves softening our eyes, and re-connecting our vision with our hearts, unprotected by lenses. When we allow light through in an unguarded way, we feel the feelings that are naturally triggered by the light.

Crying is a huge release for our eyes, and full-blown, full-bodied sobbing releases the whole body and paves the way for us to see things in a holistic way again.

The journey back to clear vision in adulthood is one that is well worth taking, because it is a journey that brings us to living in the present moment, having erased painful memories or fears through releasing our eyes, and therefore, is a journey in self-knowledge that leads to freedom … not just from eyeglasses, contacts and surgery, but to emotional freedom, and back to a heart that can open and expand into a new, clear world of adventure.

Joy E. Thompson
Natural Vision Educator
West Vancouver

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